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NUMAN COLE Shares ‘MID SCREAM’. “We can turn back time. We can save it all.”

Beautifully choreographed, ‘Mid Scream’, the latest single from NUMAN COLE, cascades down with delicious vocals and melodies. The, as yet, enigmatic digital music purveyor, puts out the vibes wider and further, as his single tangles with the future and caresses the absolute now.

NUMAN COLE stated that the single explores ‘frustration of having regrets in life’. And the twists and turns of the path we’re individually sullied, is damning sometimes, and enlightening, at the same time. The headlights dim as precarious notes of ‘life yet un-lived’ protrudes out of the bedrock of emotions and unrequited premonitions.

We can turn back time. We can save it all.

Our selve, our friends, our lovers, our environment, out souls – it’s all redeemable, and ready for a new and second chapter.



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