Núria Graham ‘Majorie’ : A person she’d never met, inspiring such deep seeded and warranted desires.

Nuria Graham

Heaven scented, earthly bound, the cascading softness of Núria Graham beautiful single ‘Majorie’ delivers with angst and trepidation, while in a throws of an internal struggle. A struggle for self assuredness and well being; a struggle of recognition and birth of something deep inside that just wants to exist.

“‘Marjorie’ is the most personal song of the record: it’s a story about my grandmother and also about me. We’re both looking through a window and feeling the same feelings. We never met, but in this song I feel very close to her. I had this image in my head of her, waiting for my grandad to come back from the pub, smoking cigarettes, and I saw myself reflected in this situation, and then the melody and lyrics “We seem to be making the same mistakes”

A gliding wonder of story telling of acceptance and tolerance, a well suited strength finalizes into that ultimate birth in ‘Majorie’. A person she’d never met, inspiring such deep seeded and warranted desires.

In ‘Majorie’, a connection is made.

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Gente gente! Post para refresh your memory, la semana que viene me vengo unos días a Madrid y esto me pone muy feliz, el Jueves 12 estaremos en la @salaelsol presentando el disco, con @samberridgemusic abriendo el concierto. El dia 13 estarem presentant el disc a Girona l'@auditori_gi 🦙🦔🐿🦃 Podeu trobar totes les entrades al link que tinc a la bio ho tinc tot ben ordenadet i tope pro no teniu excusa vaaaaale La polaroid és de @carol_xrln , de la setmana pasada a l'apolo pfff quina enyorança estic entre feliç i nostàlgica ja Ciao bon cap de setmana! :–) (per cert demà estaré a girona @lamarfamusica fent una audició listening party fotent la xapa sobre un dels meus discos favorits de Stereolab, Dots and Loops!! Veniu si voleu!)

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