Nyah Grace ‘Sunday’ : Growing apart in a relationship.

Nyah Grace

Raised in Oregon but now based in London, 17-year-old artist Nyah Grace demonstrates her world class potential with the release of her 2nd single, ‘Sunday’.

“I started writing it about a friend who I stopped being friends with,” she recalled. “It could be interpreted as being about a boyfriend, but it’s mostly about growing apart in a relationship. You’d like for there not to be that distance between you, but little things like black coffee remind you of them.”

Citing the likes of Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, D’Angelo and Ella Fitzgerald as influences, ‘Sunday’ sounds like an artist with years of experience behind her.

The song’s meaning has continued to evolve for Nyah since it was first written. She grew up in Monmouth, Oregon to a family steeped in the farming tradition – although her great aunt was a hugely successful backing vocalist in the ‘70s, singing for Chic at their peak. Her parents had some interest in music (‘80s hits for her mum, old school rap for her dad), but her destiny was shaped when she began singing lessons as a child and her teacher encouraged her to try some jazz standards. She’s been hooked ever since.


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