NYIKO ‘Call The Boys’ : Consequential and cosmic vibrance of his vocals, guiding you all the way through.


NYIKO’s vision for ‘Call The Boys’ is decadent. The charms of the single slings warmth and familiarity that is of another decade – of another lifetime.

“I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood in American society and how they negatively impact everyone. It was important for me to reflect on my own blind spots and to help redefine manliness for young men.”

With The Smiths like pop and delicious seriousness, the rebellious shimmer is nicely decked out at the edges of the song.

And as NYIKO’s consequential and cosmic vibrance of his vocals, guiding you all the way through, the enjoyment of such vibes is welcomed with open arms deep into your day-to-day.

Let’s embrace.

‘Call The Boys’ features guitar from Niles Gregory and guest appearance from Vagabon touring bassist, Maggie Toth.

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last night i watched @disclosuredoc and learned a lot. i am a white cis man and consider myself as being empathetic, compassionate, and supportive of the trans community, yet I still had (and likely continue to have) several blind spots about the experience & representation of trans people throughout history and media. it’s easy to focus on the heartbreaking reality of this history (which is very important to do so that we can change the future), but I am equally thankful that I live during a time when documentaries like this are able to be created and distributed on a mainstream platform. there is still so much that needs to be done and getting educated is a very important first step. as a personal step, i’m currently working a release that will fundraise for @theokraproject wherever you might be at with all of this, i encourage you to watch the doc. feel free to comment below or dm me if you want to chat about it. luv, xNyiko #DisclosureLC #DisclosureNetflix #translivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter

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