NYIKO ‘Glow’ : A buoyant exercise in self-confidence and inner-beauty.


Since the start of 2020, NYIKO has released a wildly eclectic remix EP along with two meticulously crafted synth-pop singles, ‘Like The Movies’ and ‘Keeping Me Alive’.

NYIKO’s ever-growing pallet presents the latest single ‘Glow’, a buoyant exercise in self-confidence and inner-beauty, laced with shimmering synth textures and intoxicating guitar motifs.

After receiving accolades across the blogosphere, NYIKO’s collaboration with producer The White Electric, “In the Middle,” was signed to a co-publishing deal with Sony/ATV and Heard Well. NYIKO was featured in MTV News and AV Club for their viral commercial work with ‘Disney Raps’ – a Disney-made web series focusing on hip hop tributes to their classic films and shows.

‘Glow’ is a robust and enthralling cut of larger-than-life synth-pop.

NYIKO adds, “For me, the song is about being confident and letting your best self shine through.”

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last night i watched @disclosuredoc and learned a lot. i am a white cis man and consider myself as being empathetic, compassionate, and supportive of the trans community, yet I still had (and likely continue to have) several blind spots about the experience & representation of trans people throughout history and media. it’s easy to focus on the heartbreaking reality of this history (which is very important to do so that we can change the future), but I am equally thankful that I live during a time when documentaries like this are able to be created and distributed on a mainstream platform. there is still so much that needs to be done and getting educated is a very important first step. as a personal step, i’m currently working a release that will fundraise for @theokraproject wherever you might be at with all of this, i encourage you to watch the doc. feel free to comment below or dm me if you want to chat about it. luv, xNyiko #DisclosureLC #DisclosureNetflix #translivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter

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