OAKLND ‘JUST FRIENDS’ : Irony and tragedy, combine in heartaches and disappointments. In love.


Breezy pop and vocal glitter, can’t help but make you take out your shades. It’s just too bright and shimmery. An incantation for what has and could be, in relationship and love, ‘Just Friends’ is a tale of wants and needs, and of thing in between. Irony and tragedy, combine in heartaches and disappointments, stir in an alt stew in honesty and genuine grief.

Combining elements of dream pop produced by the likes of LANY and Chelsea Cutler with indie sensibilities of The 1975, JUST FRIENDS sees OAKLND create an intoxicating alt-pop sound meshed with personal lyrics.

Said OAKLND: “‘Just Friends’ is about finding really hard to stay in love with someone”

His debut single, released in November 2017 was championed by Amazing Radio DJ’s Jim Gellatly, Charlie Ashcroft and Shell Zenner and received backing from industry taste-makers such as CLASH and Tenement TV.

This single was produced by Cape Cub (Chad Male) with artwork by Charlie Salt (Blossoms).


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