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Obama Meme: ‘How come we didn’t see Obama help Katrina victims’? Convenient forgetfulness?

In the recent weeks, after the tragic events caused by the devastating storm of Harvey, there has been an slight “up-tick” of memes or social media criticisms comparing former President Barak Obama’s actions during another natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina.

The criticism is a one strand comment: that the ‘then’ president Obama was “golfing” during the Hurricane Katrina days, in 2005.

Except, there is one major detail that doesn’t help the argument: George W. Bush (in his Second Term), was the president of the United States during the Katrina events. Barak Obama was, in 2005, just starting his big-league political career in the Senate, representing the state of Illinois. He continued as a senator of Illinois, until his announcement to run for the US Presidency in 2007.

So, unfortunately, the criticism of Obama ‘Golfing’ and ‘Being President’, during the 2005 Katrina event, is not a fact. According to other news outlets, Obama, even though not being a president had visited Katrina victims at that time.

We all have gripes against politicians, however, facts are facts and being conveniently forgetful (or willingly ignorant) isn’t the right course for us in the public.

Because the same kind of criticism (if turned around) can be made of President Donald Trump (or any other politician, for that matter).

It’s just a merry-go-round that isn’t productive for the current detractors of Obama, nor Trump.

Others who were very much aware of where Obama was, made a running joke out of the whole thing.

SEPT 11?

Pearl Harbor?



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