oblio ‘This Noise Will Destroy You (Filtered Sound)’ : Your revival vibes bubble up with anticipation and happy anxiety.


Alt-trio Alex Strahle, Blake Russell and Free Hallas makes songs like ‘This Noise Will Destroy You (Filtered Sound)’ and tells their fans that it’s good. And you know what?? Heck yea it’s good. And as the single soaks into your cortex like varnish soaking into that beautiful oak, your revival vibes bubble up with anticipation and happy anxiety.

With influence from The Replacements, Pixies, Weezer, The Breeders, and Elliott Smith, Oblio has toured nationally, been featured on numerous notable indie-rock radio programs, and frequents many local LA venues. Blake & Free have toured as drummers with the popular UK rock outfit The Big Pink and Alex is also a founding member and lead guitarist for SoCal rock band SVB (also previously worked with Blake in the band Dead Ball Era).

“This song was written over 8 years ago for that band’s 2nd album which wound up being shelved, until now,” said the band. “This new version contains a number of musical influences from post rock, new wave, shoegaze, and noise rock, all waiting to be unpacked. Lyrically, the song tackles the communication breakdown of a relationship where two partners of friends begin to “tune each other out” and ignore one another.”

Humans are weird. Humans are nasty. Humans are kind. The contrasts make it harrowing and difficult at times. But it’s in those difficulty where art arises. And when those folds of frustration and anger collide with the thoughtful and inquisitive, you get songs like ‘This Noise Will Destroy You (Filtered Sound)’. A song of burning reticence, fitted with Pink Floyd and Weezer like ambles of tone and observation.

The new EP ‘Plague Days Vol. 1’ is out now.


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