Ocean Child ‘You.’ : Dream of such significance, it always seems real to the touch.

Ocean Child

“I came up with the main riff you hear at the beginning of the track in my home studio,” said Ocean Child (Marco Landaverde). “I thought it sounded very Peter Hook and was quickly inspired to add on to it. I showed the idea to my band later that day and rehearsed the idea for a bit. I remember Jonathan, my drummer, getting pretty sentimental after we played it a few times. By the time I was back in the studio, I had a solid idea of how the song was going to go.

“I’m always writing stuff down–little thoughts about people in my life and the events happening around me. Much of what I write is based off emotion, and the structure comes later. There’s something very nocturnal about the song to me. There’s a few lines referring to dreaming, dropping eyelids, and staying up very late. It’s a love song to play at night.”

The eighteen year-old Chicago musician, pulls material from his childhood musical influences and through his intimate journey through introspection. His first single, ‘Pink Lemonade’, with its wide and fluttery guitar riff. In 2019, Marco published his debut EP, ‘How to Keep Someone from Disappearing’.

‘You.’ is us. ‘You.’ is you. ‘You.’ is the child and the adult. A contrast of vibes, wanting to do the right thing, the single sings of love and loss, even in the light of never ever being there. But just like a dream of such significance, it always seems real to the touch.

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i miss u more than i let on.

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