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Ocean Pleasant Shares ‘Party Trick’. “Look at it in another way.”

A simple request. A tit-for-tat. A reciprocation of emotions and commitment. When you get into a car lot, your fear is that what you went in for, won’t necessarily be the thing you’ll ultimately buy at the end of that sit-down. A bait and switch, you can say.

Love can be seen in that light. Or darkness, if you look at it in another way.

“I wrote this because I needed a personal anthem for self-liberation from half loves and maybe-lovers. The name comes from the bridge: “I took what you could give, played limbo like a party trick”. That state of limbo with someone, feels like a game at first… until it’s not. That’s where this song comes in.”

OCEAN PLEASANT is headed by the talent of the artist named Ocean. And her way of expressing in her single ‘Party Trick’ reminded us of the good vibes and excellence of the one and only, Róisín Murphy (Moloko). Ocean’s attitude at certain parts of her singing, is as succulent and dynamic as Róisín’s methods on stage. With dancey vibes and an approach to construction that is tight and as lovely, ‘Party Trick’ is a perfect addition to the body of work Ocean has already demonstrated.

Looking for more from this fab project.

We can’t wait to see where the next offering will take her.



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