Ocean Potion ‘Don’t Ya Get Down’ : Made in Toronto. Sounds like hazy summer dreams.

Ocean Potion

‘Don’t Ya Get Down’ is exactly what you think. It’s a warm word of encouragement “to a friend who’s having trouble finding their place and seeing their value. A reminder that change is often a positive.”

We all get down, don’t we? This didn’t happen the way we planned. That didn’t happen because of the now, ex. The ramen was over cooked because of that. The IRS skipped paying you, because of some direct deposit mix-up. Things just happen and life seems so very unfair.

But value. Value of a person and a person’s existence, is more than that. In a positive and nihilistic angle, we are all dust. Soon or later. But that should give you and all of us working hard in this sliver of time we’re afforded to see the physical world…we all should make the best of it.

So smile. Ocean Potion’s gottyu.

They’re from Toronto Canada.


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