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Ocean Potion Share ‘In The Grass’. The Semblance Of Self, And Internal Content Organization.

The day started around 7am. She was dressed. Breakfast was finished. Her pet dog was in quite a mood. Her keys were in hand. Her suit was immaculate. She was ready.

She assured herself.

“You can do this, Dina.”

The door soon was opened and she was off. It took her 5 years to get to where she was positioned. It never dawned on her, that she’d never get ‘here’. Her excitement was incalculable. Her magnificent and positive view on her future, was Grand. Her confidence was over flowing.

She opened her car, then sat down. Started the engine. Turned on the radio. Looked at herself closely, one more time in the driver seat mirror. And took a deep, long breath.

“Can’t believe this is really happening.”

OCEAN POTION is based in Toronto, Canada and bring to the mix, an ambience centric and theme based take on story telling via notes. The hazy, wazy indie-pop summer view on their music is a great fit for the times of rest, and calm, and maybe secret trepidations.

It’s a good thing.

The semblance of self, and internal content organization – the last frontier, as grand as the Grand Canyon – even if it’s only to thyself.




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