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Oceaneater – Strike Twice

Dare to change. With conviction. With confidence. That’s what OCEANEATER’s Timothy Kelley wanted to do. Wanted to become. So, in 2016 he left his fine dining chef career and connected once more with his southern Atlanta, GA roots. That meant that his transition was of creative endeavor into his new ‘dive bar’ loving, garage rock musical career. In record time he’s here and you can’t kick his music out the door. The ruckus caused by ‘Strike Twice’ is venerable, consistent, and ambitiously decadent. Teaming up with writer/producer Evan Andree, there are plenty of reasons you should put OCEANEATER in your rotation. Refreshing, indeed.

Soft Construction – Chain of Being

Composed from the fibers of life and the befallen, SOFT CONSTRUCTION’s single ‘Chain Of Being’ is the remedy for your antsy inner visions. The dream-pop haze spread throughout by the ever un-relenting drums and present affections, harks at the hearts not conquered by its essence. Someone commented “that the lyrics of the chorus/hook was based on this medieval hierarchical system of all matter called the Great Chain of Being,” the band relented. “..for which the entire lyrics of this song is based on (from the viewpoint of someone negatively critiquing the order bestowed onto them by society at that time).” A healthy (unhealthy?) obsession with ‘Grace’ album by Jeff Buckley is the inspiration, from an instrumental point of view. And like Buckley, the delightful suggestions and wisps of fatalistic ambience of morose inhibitions, soak through just enough to tantalize. And in a weird way, isn’t life kind of like that in a nutshell? Let’s enjoy it. It’s lo-fi, to the max.

Alexander Natalie – Takes One to Know One.

Alt-folk/country project of ALEXANDER NATALIE is a deep flight into mental hailstorms of love, betrayal, and ultimate emotional gain in knowledge. ‘Takes One To Know One’ is about Alexander’s brother, and the notion of ‘falling apart’. The project springs out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul Metro) and it methodically glides into the hearts of us, with gainful use of the fiddle, and ample injection of very prominent lyrical works. The calm and strident attitude of the single is a mark of maturity and acceptance to the subject. The steps to a long journey seems inevitable, but there has been much lesson-learning along the way. And Alexander is fabulous in describing in this single. The lyrics of ‘Takes One To Know One’ might be of his brother, but there’s always a part of Alexander that’s deeply embedded and accustomed. That’s why it works. Get captive with Alexander’s music.

The Evening Empire – The girl from the moon

Alexander Frizzera returns with this fabulous rock-pop offering, golden with tastes of Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac. But it’s Alexander’s lyrics that are the core star, and there’s no doubt about it. The shining pillars of thought and massive emotional attribution, is built in deep with the song. The flight of the glider, through the blue cast skies, relentlessly activate our musical antennas. ‘The Girl From The Moon’ is a delicate and delicious entree of beautiful chords, and humane outcrops in radiant gazes. There’s a reason why we’d featured several of Alexander’s singles prior. Dig.

Century Of Ecstasy – Explorers

Joakim Persson is CENTURY OF ECSTASY. The dream-like state of ‘Explorers’ marks the milestone of many travels that took place in the last minute, last hour, last several years. All come to naught, as love gets in the way of progress sometimes. And as the human emotions of affection builds the inevitable wall of solitude, we ask ourselves, whether that wall can be broken down again. And why should it break down in the first place? Why not. It always did. At least when we were younger. It was easier, then. Now, as we mature, the cement hardens into an impassable palisade of scars. With the whim of the sparkling wand, he continues. As all that he’s able to, as he’d been accustomed. Will he love again?

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