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Odd Beholder Shares ‘Transatlantic Flight’. “Azure shimmer and trans-lucent beams of elevation.”

Odd Beholder, the Zurich based band project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann.

“Imagine you’re on a plane,” said Daniela. “It’s very still. Everyone is wide awake. Nobody speaks. Nobody moves. A stewardess is walking by. Oh, the luxury of drinking a cup of coffee in midair. The air plane hovers over a sour sea. The screen reflects your pale face as it reads “Thank you for flying Unf Air.” It crosses your mind that nature had been great, and nature will be great again, but you won’t be around to write poems about it. It’s time to go and you just wish you had the change to go better. Are these still clouds ore is it smoke already? You brace yourself for impact”

Calamitous wrangling; foiled again by the beauty that lies beneath – her breath – her gaze – her dance of imbued relevance to reality and this dimension. Daniela’s resistance to the norm, cascades with that prior said beauty, with warmth and knowledge, rolling from corner to corner. And as she speaks, you speak in heart. An acceptance to a vibrance of thought and energy that surmounts with parrying degrees and subsistence.

‘Transatlantic Flight’ is a voice of reason in a reasonably, unreasonable contrast to now and then. A pre-cursor for an anthemic trip, of that heart of hearts; destroyed before, but never ever down for the count.

“The colors I saw when I wrote a song about a future son, a dying lover, a smile in the void, a society on the run, about the hope that the landing will be ok, about a girl staring at a plastic fork in a failing air plane, well, i guess, about me staring at a plastic fork in a failing air plane.”

Odd Beholder is a painting of azure shimmer and trans-lucent beams of elevation. This single of succinct visions, drip and drip with gorgeous amounts of copious sanity and sprinkles in rye bewilderments.


‘Transatlantic Flight’ is the follow up to her 2018 full album ‘All Reality Is Virtual’ (available now).

See this decadent artist next @ Hole Of Fame, Dresden Germany November 26th.


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