oddnesse ‘hot air’ : Contemporary and vastly talented, the universal. As always.


“I think there is a tendency to judge abstract lyrics as less meaningful, less emotional, less accessible,” said oddnesse. “While this song doesn’t deal with earthly relatable matters of love and loss, to me it’s just as meaningful as some of my popular break-up songs.”

Unassuming and delicate when played, it tingles with the unconventional resistance and gumption. oddnesse tackles the facts of the case made of motions in the contrasts in life.

“These lyrics contemplate dreams and death and our relationship with the Universe, conjuring fear and majesty, taking a playful approach to the unknown. Ultimately it’s a song about transformation and spiritual travel and vastness.”

Vastness and the oddnesse.

Contemporary and vastly talented, the universal oddnesse, brings the highlight of production and emotive communication, to the fore.

Here and again.


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