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Oddnesse Shares ‘It Runs Wild’. “Enjoying The Last Seconds Of Existential Moments Prior.”

The plane just dropped us off in this rural sanctuary of a town in the lands of the desert. Standing up on our boots, we helped each other in slapping the dust from our clothes. There was so much dust. The atmosphere was dusty, with a red tint, and we put our sunglasses on. We should have brought some sun block, for the equator friendly sunshine was not being friendly to us.

With our military green pants cuffed at the ankles (trying to deflect the sand), it was time to move.

We moved into the downtown area of the town, buildings in red brick, and the streets smelling of exotic spices. The people were scant, and looked at us in curiosity. In some terms, it seemed that the citizens looked at us with ‘oddity’, then quickly into ’empathy’. What that was we didn’t know. But soon it was to be revealed to us, and we’d not ‘survive’ this encounter.

ODDNESSE was started between Rebeca Arango and Grey Goon. They liked what they were doing and the two east-coast natives soon found out about their passion for music that moved them, with dark and odious / gravitational grooves.

Their mission was set.

“I am very afraid. I avoid it. I’m afraid of what I don’t know. Even about myself. On the surface thoughts run circles around each other kicking up dust. I find out there’s something sinister beneath. I’m afraid of what’s down there. I go hunting for it. I wake the beast. I run away. It’s coming for me whether I like it or not. And I can sense it even though I don’t know what it is.” – Oddnesse


‘It Runs Wild’ brings forth the ‘darkness’ into the grey-ish shadows of the mind, body, soul. It culminates in a ball of strings, knowing they are ready to rip apart, but enjoying the last seconds of existential moments prior. Boom.



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