oddnesse ‘Summer’s Almost Over’ : For life is just that. Managing with those rare victories that makes us smile.


“I had let parts of myself rot waiting out the closure of an emotional agreement,” said oddnesse, “unsure of what would come next, regretting ever having had higher expectations of the situation I got myself wrapped up in.”

Unassuming and delicate when played, it tingles with the unconventional resistance and gumption. oddnesse tackles the facts of the case made of motions in the contrasts in life.

“In retrospect, I’d say that I ate the correct amount of snickers bars and got the sleep I needed whenever I could. For anyone else slumped in that murky pool of waiting, in this song we might feel into the listlessness and console ourselves with a little day-dreaming, a little candy. It’s almost over.”

And when you’d organized your thoughts, for a cleaning, the pastures of relationships and direction of life, will unfold once again. We’re not lost forever, and we can’t be.

Just can’t.

Bodies made of oceans of mystery and thoughts, depths of depression can never be fully conquered.

But managed for enough sanity? Yes.

For life is just that. Managing with those rare victories that makes us smile.

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“Summer’s almost over” is out everywhere today. This song is for you if you’re counting down the days. The world is burning. Few things are in our control. When I sing “you will find your way out,” I offer not optimism, but hope. The difference was made clear to me by Rebecca Solnit: “Hope is a belief that what we do might matter, an understanding that the future is not yet written.” When I wrote this song last summer, I was stuck in a listless yet demanding situation. One where I had to manufacture enthusiasm to keep going. I realized then that I had to quit my job, though it took me 7 months to leave. I tell the full story on my P a t r e o n blog (which you can access for just $1/month). If you like the tune, PLEASE do share. There’s no PR budget here. You are the conduit. I am so grateful ❤️ Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped bring this song forth: Co-write/Production by @greygoon Guitar by @yorkvideo Art by @eva.imber Photo here by @johnederphoto Master by @districtsoundlab Recorded at @mysterstudio & @wearetherattle Distributed by @dashgodistro Do people still need to hear where the link is? LMK I’ll be here all day supplying links. LOVE, Rebeca

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