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Oddnote Shares ‘My Little Lady’. “Rock your night away.”

“I wrote the song ‘My Little Lady’ after gaining and losing a relationship with someone who meant a lot to me,” said ODDNOTE. “It was like receiving the whole entire world just to have it taken away from you in a matter of seconds.”

Continued: “To be honest; the song itself came together pretty quickly, 2 weeks to be specific; and the best part of the whole recording process was that we only did one take of vocals. The vocals you hear on the song, are the scratch vocals from day 1.”

Arman Asadsangabi is ODDNOTE and he was born/raised in Nashville, TN. The artist is excited and has the gumption for what he does to heights.

‘Unknown’ is the sophomore LP coming your way in 2019 from ODDNOTE, and the indie-rock anthem belting artist, will continue to get you up from your seats and rock the night away.

That’s what he is.

That’s what ODDNOTE delivers.

See him next at The Warehouse in Nashville, TN on September 7th.



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