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Odina Shares ‘I’ll Carry You’. “Atmospheric Tenderness.”

Drawing out the line between where she was, and where Jupiter lingered. She thought of the time she can spend on that cloudy planet. Her only goal was to get solace from the pain that she felt in her heart every day. Jupiter wasn’t judgemental, it was kind in its foreboding and unemotional reflection. She drew the line again, on her chalkboard, now thick and straighter. As the crumbs off of the chalk sprinkled down to the floor, her eyes brightened.

“I can make it. It can be done. Oh! What a day!”

Her passion now in full bloom, she couldn’t wait for the day she could be rid of this old and horrid place she lived. She began to cry, while summarizing the calculations to the planet she wanted to visit. As her delicate hands wrote and re-wrote, her beaten body ached with anticipation and emotional hurt.

“I’ll show you, you bastard,” as she said it to herself, underneath her breath. “I’ll show you.”

The paper showed the drops of tears from her eyes. She wept, and wept, to a full fledged call for help. Her vulnerable husk of a body, crawled into a ball on her bed corner. Detesting the lies and abuse from him, over these years.

She just wanted to get away and start a new life.

But it seemed that Jupiter had to wait, for the moment.

ODINA’s voice is reminiscent of an earlier iteration of Bjork. But it’s the lyrical work of ODINA that stands out, with atmospheric tenderness and ‘tragedy’ engraved in each note.

We couldn’t help but feel enamored by the depth of character from ODINA, and to be sure, we are not the only ones.

ODINA’s single ‘I’ll Carry You’ is a demonstration of strength and honesty – to herself, to others.




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