Of Blood and Mercury ‘Estranged’ : Tantalizingly protruding truths and none-compliance.

Of Blood and Mercury

When you’re suspended above your physical body. That is what Of Blood and Mercury’s single ‘Estranged’ feels. It’s an existential and an example of glorious musical formulation. A brooding cypher, the single delineates your inner and outer being, tantalizingly protruding truths and none-compliance, in order to meld and contemplate from without.

Olivier Lomer Wilbers and Michelle Nocon are together, Of Blood and Mercury. It is a beautiful song. With vocals clung high in the air, waving and hoping, while the sultry atmospherics, deliberate for the evening’s sleep of mind and soul.

‘Estranged’ is off of their latest LP ‘Strangers’. A moving, grieving, devoting culmination of sights and sounds, the LP brings you to a zone of contemplative excellence. A base of gradients, ready to take on a world of your own.

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Brothers and sisters of Of Blood and Mercury, we have a few things to announce; – soon we will release our new digital single. – we will announce a few more gigs – we will do a radioshow live on air + interview on Radio Benelux on their Durango sessions – see you on Roadburn for our official debut album release?!?! Picture by Ivan G. _______________________________________ @consouling @mrs_consouling @thibault.viaene @the_current_order @roadburnfest @radiobenelux @marchaselaars @doomstarbookings #radiobenelux #radiobeneluxdurangosessions #durango #consoulingsounds #singlerelease #radioshow #radiointerview #radioshows #radiointerviews #roadburn #roadburnfestival #roadburnfest #roadburners #releaseshow #liveshow #pleasingghostswithmusic #thecurrentorder #ofbloodandmercury #doomstarbookings

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