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Of Gentlemen & Cowards Shares ‘Don’t Say’. “But would life be as tasty if not for those not-so-happy parts?”

“Don’t Say” is a song about endings,” said Of Gentlemen & Cowards. “Between being stuck and leaving, there’s always a choice – this song was created in that space. It’s a pleading refrain from a strained relationship. Maybe we can get past this, or maybe it’s over.”

Common thread in the fabric of our lives. An uncommonly distinct bravery, that will need an answer – for the sake of moving forward.

Love is fickle. Love is all encompassing. Love takes your breath away. Love can consume you to emotional death. All depends on the vibrancy and attitude – the fortitude and engagement – from the parties to move and discuss and figure out what’s best, in that forthright but diplomatic of stances.

The band was formed in 2010 and is based in Toronto Canada. They have been featured in “Late Night With David Letterman and an ill-fated cruise ship gig that broke the band’s heart and transformed their sound into a more soulful one”.

Through the big bumps and rough patches, they’re here – making music – for us – and most importantly, for their own selves.

Yes. Love is fickle and deemed ‘dangerous’ at time.

But would life be as tasty if not for those not-so-happy parts?

You can decided.

In the meantime, enjoy the band’s fab Rick Springfield-esque pop fervor in ‘Don’t Say’.

Of Gentlemen & Cowards is: Josh Dawson (bass, vocals), Simon Edwards (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Christian Fedele (lead guitar, vocals), Jake Warren (drums)

‘Don’t Say’ was produced by John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews) and mixed by Gus van Go (Arkells, Sam Roberts)



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