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Of Human Bonding shares ‘Agony’. (Audio & Video)

Of Human Bonding is a Scottish indie-rock band encompassing orchestral framework, with dynamic progressions, arrangements, cinematic plots, and multiple lead vocal experiences. In ‘Agony’, Hanna Durham lends her vocals and beautifully expels any angst and helps us listeners to relax and love.

Their latest EP is named ‘Agony & Ecstasy’ contains a varied amount of styles and presentation in music. The cinematic aura is strong in this one, very ‘BBC TV Murder Mystery’ like with sweeping swaths of airy conglomerate layers, tossed about with significant morsels of indie-rock-pop elements, and dashed with the flavor of the Canterbury Tales, draped in resistance and fictional contrasts.

It’s a lot of stuff crammed in, for sure.

But ‘Agony’, the first single does the EP right with angelic vocals – vulnerably presented – reminding us of that millisecond of a moment when one is separating with a loved girl-friend (or boy-friend), knowing that there won’t be another repatriation and reunion. That fact of knowing and accepting that life will have to go on, separately – from now on – and forever.

Tragic. And it’s delectable, from a song point of view.

“Of Human Bonding was born from the ashes of a previous group project we had called The Stone Ghost Collective. Many of the core musicians are the same but in forming this new group we decided to add lots of additional singers as well as a number of orchestral musicians.”

The core band members consist of:
Mike Sorensen Small (Guitars, Computers, Orchestrations & Vocals), Dawn Berry (Woodwind, Keyboards & Vocals), Cameron Jack (Guitars & Vocals), Richard Crawford (Bass & Vocals), Grant Pringle (Drums, Percussion & Vocals).

Hanna Dunham has also performed lead vocal parts on the song ‘Neural Paths’ and the dark musical monologue ‘Guilty Blood’, from the ‘Neural Paths’ (EP). Because of logistics, in the above music video, Hanna is not featured but a guest actor.

The band calls their sound brewing from the wells of the ‘lo-fi- environment. But we think it’s been rightly done, with minimal lows of interest, and many highs in fascinating turns.

Soon, they hope to “catch up with [taking] the group to the next stage by re-arranging the material so that it can be performed live by a touring group.” stated Mike Small.

“When we decided to form Of Human Bonding we spent 3 years writing and recording material. We now find ourselves with a huge back-log of recordings that need to be released before we can get to the current songs we are working on.”

Additionally, the band hopes to follow up with several more releases sometime during 2018. In 2019 they will work on a core touring group.

Kudo, OHB. Kudos.

Looking forward to more from you all, and even greater progression!



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