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Of Nature – The Cry

From the days of what you imagine or remember of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, OF NATURE comes your ways with the raw and no pretense rock that we all love, deep inside, whatever your background. The rompin’ rock is of the single ‘The Cry’ jam sets its claws upon your darkened and cynical soul and then encourages you to look within deeper. Then you turn and you just don’t like the decor of the place you just stared at. Then you leave. But not before you ask for the direction to the next music festival – where OF NATURE is playing. The debut single from the band is just hard rock, classic style. Groovy, rockin’, just fun as it’s been designed. See them next @ Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge in Toronto Canada October 4th.

These Guy – Scrimby

Joe Saxbyand heads this project of his. It’s called THESE GUY. It’s pervertedly odd and art-like pop that bops. Joe said: “When I started writing the lyrics as I was wondering whether life is just a process of moving ‘back and forth between two states of mind’ (the opening lyrics) – between the need for exploration and then the need for stability”. Psychedelic and majestic in its pop flair, the slats of stars peek out with unforeseen neglect towards the past. That means it’s all going forward. Word.

Tincho – No Worries

“‘No Worries’ has always been the halfway mark for us as a band and sits at the midpoint of our debut album ‘Home Today’ said TINCHO. “It’s a simple, concise power pop ditty sprinkled with sparklingly clean guitar licks in the chorus and outro, in your face drums, and sure to be stuck in your head chorus.” The band is a college bop indie rock band from Seattle, which deals in the nether dimensions. It has a Jack up its proverbial musical sleeves, to taunt with their grating and curious guitar riffs, shimmering antics for the future, and ‘none of the above’ intellectually salient attitude towards the now. It’s the perfect dream-pop collision. ‘No Worries’ is that eye of the storm, where storms are relative and relationships…well… you can decide. It’s a complicated world. Let’s just listen to TINCHO.

Grey McMurray – I Hear Your Voice

“Music is the only relative activity I have to feeling heartbroken, heartful or revelatory…In a way, these are ten versions of one song. In another way, everything fell apart, and I wanted to make an altar.” Music and its forms are the forms to which plains of reality decide on the next hour’s way of reflection. Your hour of calm, denoted by the cut of skin and interplay. NYC singer/guitarist/producer Grey McMurray — co-leader of the Tongues in Trees trio with Samita Sinha and Sunny Jain, and of the duo itsnotyouitsme, sits you down for a deep discussion of manic inspirations and dreams within vanilla sky dreams. The chants grizzle your consciousness to a deadly but beautiful stop of rationalization, rising to the call of yours and yours alone. Grey’s looping line, vocalizes your silence. It rams through and encapsulates without restrictions. Listen.


‘Annual Leave’ is the first single by Liverpool based project, WOR. Yank Scally is the mind behind it all, and with this single, the waving vibes contend to vibrant, sing-along like pop ‘say hello’. Like chasing your crush on the road to a playful love and cast, ‘Annual Leave’ is a delectable trance in keys on keys, black and white, smooth and groovin’. The dancin’ bop curtails the laundry list of things that sits in the cranium of your brain process, and sets them aside for a moment. A moment to get up and enter the dome of WOR’s digital palace.


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