Of Shiloh ‘Fear With Care’ : A reserved fire of lust and understated refrain.

Of Shiloh

Of Shiloh. The delightfully in-depth method of communication. It works through, up unto your skin, enveloping in slow motion. Like a cast away merging of far off collages of thought and memories, the duo of Rogan Campbell and Sam Borden qualify the unquantifiable vibes that we often fear and love.

The angst and nostalgic images portrayed by Of Shiloh is an un-nerving vision. The incantations of this and of the chest pounding after-thoughts, wiggle out of the skin, as violent auras, emanate with fervor.

Of Shiloh’s vocals work like the night – dark, brooding, calm, and vast. And with the lyrics on hand, the combination delivers with vacuous angst.

A reserved fire of lust and understated refrain.

Real life vibes.

The talented duo brings out the best, as they guide us into another world of expectations.

Their latest 2 track EP ‘B/F’ is out now.

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