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OF THE VALLEY Shares ‘Grace’. “You Say You Can’t Live Without Me. There Always Comes A Time.”

We’d reviewed OF THE VALLEY’s (Brian DellaValle) single ‘Italy’ back in May of this year. Back then we stated of the single: “And in his single ‘Italy’, the foregone conclusion, isn’t so ‘foregone’ at all. It’s just a pause between now and THEN. It’s just a stop light, in an infinite cross walks of stop lights.”

This time Brian comes at us with his latest single ‘Grace’.

As usual the single is born out of the love of his travel throughout Italy.

“A small town in Italy (to-the-left of Bologna and to-the-right of Modena) was my little home for a part of the Spring that year. The goal was to slow down and begin to feel like a musician again. Exiting the mind and entering the body again, washing clothes by hand and drinking wines that don’t leave time for your thoughts.”

Once back in Copenhagen, Brian let his musical fingers help write the song we all know as ‘Grace’.

“‘Grace’ is a nod to Mortality and to the steady flow of Time. Finding grace in the face of these two powers, Mortality & Time: the givers of life and the takers away. They have given me everything I have and I love them for it.”

Brian is a beautiful artist, and present us, the public, with poignant and personal views on the small things in life; that in turn, become the larger than life aspects that shadows us everyday.

“You say you can’t live without me. And I don’t believe your eyes. For there comes a time. There always comes a time.” verse from ‘Grace’.

The full album is due to drop September 28th, 2018.



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