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OF THE VALLEY Shares The Concerns Of Days Gone By w/ Single ‘Italy’.

Relying upon the senses of our deplorable human intellect, we strive to make do with the limited bounds in holy attributions in life. We take things in, then take things apart, bringing sound energies, and particles of effort to the eyebrows of our unaffordable resolutions. Predictably, fallible. Precariously, upon the edge of salvation. There’s no doubt that there is a path. Everything has a path. To what end, we just won’t know, even with decades of experience and humanly despicable transactions.

The concerns of days gone by, is the bright shining spotlight of doom. It transforms its cloak of daggers resistance, trying to pierce the armor of hate, violence, confusion, doubt. At the end of the day, and at the end of your life – there is still no answer.

At least an answer that is utterly satisfying.

Brian DellaValle is OF THE VALLEY. And in his single ‘Italy’, the foregone conclusion, isn’t so ‘foregone’ at all. It’s just a pause between now and THEN. It’s just a stop light, in an infinite cross walks of stop lights.

It will go on. With, or without you.

Let’s not waste this.

“Italy is a voyeuristic slice into a moment between two people. Beauty in such situations can certainly be found between those two, but also between the lines. When something important comes apart, it takes courage and time to find if you can build it back again.””

‘Italy’ is a beautiful song, with tinge of Springsteen, and a heck of lot of poignancy. With Brian’s sentimental vocals, framing the meaning behind each note’s wave of feelings, the single is one that we really love listening to.

Kudos, Brian. Kudos.



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