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OGMH // Leffen // John McCabe // Boston McDonald // Noisemill

OGMH – Sasa (Unplugged)

OGMH’s song ‘Sasa’ in a dark and fascinating acoustic fair is what you’re listening to at the moment. This performance was recorded at a promotion for their crowdfunding campaign. The high floating vocals seems to offer us a chance at a glimpse of a specter of which it hovers in the dark forest of expectation. Over yonder, the drum beats, steadily and quickly, depleting your energies to resists, as the guitar strums radiate that exact urgency. It’s a short journey of dreamlike notes, short but powerful. The band consists of Alex Night, Sascha Schwegler, Beat Schenk, and Moritz Lienhard.

Leffen – Curves

LEFFEN’s music journey is of a very personal sort. After graduating from undergrad, the academically proficient student entered NYU’s Stern Business School. He readily admitted then (to himself) and publicly (now) that his heart wasn’t into what a ‘Financing’ degree offered. During his graduate studies, he applied to NYU’s Tisch Clive Davis Dept Of Recorded Music. He was rejected. But his fire for his music, kept on burning hotter, even when after getting his MBA, where subsequently took time off in North Carolina with his mother. He switched profession to a programmer, then bit later, was hired at a NYC located tech firm. But his music was at the forefront of his thoughts. “But in the end I knew I had merely took up an entirely new profession just to get back to NYC. I actually do think I’ve written the record that I swore I would back in 2010… I just need to record it for real.” LEFFEN’s single ‘Curves’ is poignant, relevant, which is pickled in a vat of emotions, including regrets, wins, loss. The question of ‘what does this all mean?’ come into play, as it has always did in LEFFEN’s mind. His journey continues. The wanting heart, never forgets, as they say.

John McCabe – Broken

‘Broken’ is JOHN MCCABE’s toss of memories into that big hat of life. With a classic rock arrangement that is reminiscent of the best of bands like R.E.M, Lemonheads, John takes us on a near forgotten alt-rock trip from the emotions of the 90’s. But it’s wholly welcomed, for the refreshing single is an addition to the ‘play of life’, and in John’s case, a forgiving ‘thankfulness’ for the things that matter and to be celebrated. The Orange County/LA singer/songwriter recently released his EP ‘Flower Circle’.

Boston McDonald – Walk Away

BOSTON MCDONALD’s single ‘Walk Away’ is really good. Dang good. The unassuming synth driven 80’s rock-pop offering, is BM’s present for our danceable selves. With delicious drums, and tasty guitar riffs, makes for a poised and exciting time near a speaker. Love and relationship’s questions, turn our world upside down and sideways sometimes. “When I was young, I tried to figure out how to get to my father through the stereo speakers when I could hear him singing and that obviously inspired me to find my way into the stereo as well,” stated Boston. He knew his purpose even at a young age. So in a small town and passion to fill Fort Knox, he studied, crafted, developed for the music. His kind of music. ‘Walk Away’ is that unique step.

Noisemill – Raised Like a Sun

Feels like we’d featured NOISEMILL’s whole album, but there’s a reason for that. The undeniably clever and vocal habits of the band, keeps the listener coming back for the pomp and circumstance offered by their notes. The hard-rock band from Denmark, depicts subjects of harmony and/or the absence of it framed compellingly from a psychedelic-metal progression of thought and philosophy. ‘Raised Like A Sun’ is one of their songs that is a power ballad of sorts, brooding and inquisitive as ever, wrapped in a Floyd like glittering shimmer. “Take your time. Many of the best things in life takes time. You can’t speed up a sunrise. You shouldn’t. The song reflects this. Take your time.” Good advice, to be sure.


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