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Ois4 OMARI – Touch My Hair

The most mundane things remain in our memories. It’s always a funny thing. The trips to Disney World was never the most significant part of existence; it was the ice cream we shared. The trophies that you received for the great school achievements wasn’t as memorable as the family celebration, together at a small restaurant. It wasn’t only your love that made memories; it was how she straightened out your neck tie. All the little things makes the big things significant. We think that’s what Ois4 OMARI’s ‘Touch My Hair’ is all about. “Just a thank you to my mom, from the bottom of my heart, for dealing with me s***”

Ceezlin – Obstacles

CEEZLIN’s single ‘Obstacles’ is a 90’s drenched r&b chill-storm, with delicate synth reminiscent of stars of the past, pastoral harmonies, layered on top of soulful lyrical works. From the top of the mountain, to the sea level return to humanity, the combination of wordplay and instrumentals, is delicious. Neo-soul and hiphop, racks up the points, as the power of subtly, drives in heaves of shimmer. The cinematically approachable video does the single justice, as the realm of misunderstanding and statement of resilience, stacks high in visual and audible experiences.

RedRum – Pitchfork

Don’t you dig that vibe?? We do. The newly formed Orlando based duo of emcees Red Eye and Racks, combine forces to offer RedRum. And their single ‘Pitchfork’ is just a small taste of what music they can produce. The delightful take on life, through the eyes of a couple of innovators, track back to what is basic and necessary in survival. Off of the upcoming EP ‘Murder In Reverse’, the duo heightens the x-factor with diggable synth and thought provoking lyrical chants. Let’s ride this new and exciting journey with RedRum. Welcome to Orlando.

offthewop – Lost in Flows

What is it about being stuck in a rut? Also, what really is a rut, actually? It’s a small hole, probably. A negative connotation for a style of emotional stagnation, for sure. But can that translate into being in a loss within a flow of notes? But notes that just don’t fit that dang song you’re making? Maybe. In either cases, we do our best to get OUT of that ‘rut’. Because we all need to ‘shower’ and get clean, for being in one place for that long just doesn’t do anyone favors in being innovative and in the know. We think that’s kind of what offthewop is saying in ‘Lost In Flows’. A description of the ‘gray’, through some oddly attractive linguistic twists. Word.

Prezzy Supreme – Tekashi

Hitting the party with your new whip. Feels good don’t it? We agree. As the girls and competition look at you, the night’s starting off right. BUt PREZZY SUPREME is a lover, and he wants to party with everyone. What a guy. Inclusion is the basic tenet of ‘Tekashi’ as the invitation to the latest and greatest can be shared amongst, all. Sharing is caring, as they say, and as Prezzy’s rhymes do damage, you’ve ultimately become his devote. It’s a good thing. It’s natural. Oh look, that girl just looked at you, because you’re listening to ‘Tekashi’. Smile back now. She has good taste. Get in this, son. Word.


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