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Okay Dane // Uforia // Milkpunch // Paco Versailles // Maija Sofia

Okay Dane – God Complex

Building a strong following for themselves in Melbourne, Okay Dane have been consistently building their chops as dynamic live performers since 2016. aden with attitude, the pacing of ‘God Complex’ makes the song instantly catchy, while the lyricism represents a more personal internal struggle. With an energy similar to the likes of The Killers, DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho, Okay Dane have formed a strong rock foundation for themselves to build on further with the ‘Alienation’ EP. See them next @ Rics Bar, Brisbane on October 10th.

Uforia – Say What You Want

“Communication is an essential ingredient to success” said Michael Ursini (composer/lyricist) on the new song. “It’s incredibly frustrating to spend time with a friend that is unhappy and unwilling to talk about it. It’s so important to talk to the people around you about life. It gives you a perspective that’s not your own.” What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini has morphed into Uforia. The Toronto hard rock band has all of the underpinnings of the perfect balance of something that is like MUSE and the tinge of nu-metal that is hard to resist. The chorus in ‘Say What You Want’ is undeniably attractive and it just works so well. With timing changes of the best traditions of heavy-metal band of old, the new modern vibe s of Uforia is something else. The band is made of Michael Ursini, Dylan Piercey, Daniel Salij, and Angel Gomez.

Milkpunch – Where I Belong

Written and recorded by Raf Lima in between shifts working as an audio-engineering intern, ‘Where I Belong’ is full of fuzzy guitar hooks, layers of harmony and sticky lyrics (“I think it’s overlooked to care!”). Mix of Mac Demarco, Car Seat Headrest, Wavves and the tinge of heroes like Weezer, Milkpunch, is a sentiment-arian visionary, where notes of rhythmic works tangle and tango with the tongue-in-cheek goodness of a person who is, to say the least, very talented and becoming. The 20 year old awesomeness said: “In this song I’ve adopted a ‘less is more’ approach. I wanted to make it all about the melodies, chords and words. Intentionally dry and minimal production so my vulnerability would shine through in the form of honest songwriting. Or maybe I’ve just been listening to Rubber Soul too often…” Who knows right?? We agree Raf. You’re good. Too good, and the world should know more about you. Write-ups from tastemakers like (the sadly defunct) Rolling Stone Australia, Monster Children and Pilerats lead to playing support for the likes of Tired Lion and Darts.

Paco Versailles – Lilac Moon

Vahagni Turgutyan and Ryan Merchant make up Paco Versailles. Indie, dance, disco, fun – wrap it all up and you have PV. A jaunting offering of happiness and the sunshine you want in your life. Just like that necklace in the window; just like the Ferrari in the car lot. It’s what makes your hearts pump an extra beat when she looks at you, with hither gaze and beautiful gorgeous brown eyes. Loving and caressing, ‘Lilac Moon’ is the ‘pick-me-up’ you need. Forget Starbucks. Said Ryan: “In this case, the line ‘Lilac Moon’ emerged from the psyche describing a phenomenon we had never seen before, yet it felt familiar and resonated. Often lyrics come as a stream of consciousness and only later do you realize what they meant. The muses also dictated that part of the song would be in Spanish, which as a language, allows for more melodrama.”

Maija Sofia – The Glitter

Following the success of lo-fi dream-pop single ‘Flowers’, art-folk virtuoso Maija Sofia returns with her debut album ‘Bath Time’. Taking women from the history books who were misrepresented or silenced, with ‘Bath Time’ Sofia conjures a word where they take power of their own stories. Utilising fragmented guitars and yearning string instruments, Sofia interweaves the stories of Edie Sedgwick, Bridget Cleary and Mary of Nazareth to sharply observe the pain and complexity of female life. Written between London, Galway and Dublin, ‘Bath Time’ features appearances from alternative folk singer Junior Brother and lap steel player Niall Murphy (Oh Boland). The former, Junior Brother, appears on ‘The Wife of Michael Clearly’, a bristling tribute to Bridget Cleary, who died at the hands of her husband Michael. The latter, Niall Murphy, starring on ‘Edie Sedgwick’, a track named after the muse of Andy Warhol. ‘The Glitter’ is just the edge of the iceberg, inviting and blue and truth to the core. But don’t get too close, you will be torn apart by the faithfulness of Maija’s beautifully brooding undercurrents in lyrical presentation. See Maija next @ The Black Gate, Galway Ireland, November 13th.


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