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okay(K) Shares ‘slow dancing w/ jazz’. “Over and over again.”

okay(K) is a project that deems genre-less, with trap as a cornerstone, but never the only sentiment for building emotive music. And with ‘slow dancing w/jazz’, okay(k), takes us on another whirlwind of journey, where our hairs are messed up, but our hearts are doing their damnedest to get better.

And at a certain time, they do get better.

About okay(K) we’d sated before that: “…loneliness, never casts a full eclipse, for life isn’t built that way. It’s not a way to live…of the uninterrupted mysteries of life. No matter how local and personal. It’s a start.”

The talented producer and singer/songwriter is built to bring forth fabulous new angles.

And without fail, so far, he’s done that, over and over again.

Kudos, once more.


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