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Old Cities Shares Single ‘Again’. “I Fell In Love With You, Then.”

It came to that point in our lives, that afternoon of that long summer up north. We’d gone to that place we’d had our first weekend together. The lake was very special for us. I remember so clearly, your hair, your eyes, your smile, your beauty that weekend. I was in a haze all weekend those days of bliss. You made me laugh and made me realize how glorious life could be. And I hoped that I made you feel the same way.

We shared a vanilla soft ice-cream cone with you on that corner downtown. Amongst the walking tourists and towns-people, we looked at each other and then we kissed.

Our eyes closed, and we savored our lone moment, amongst the crowd – slow motion, in the sun drenched high noon.

I fell in love with you, then.

So, how can we get that day back again?

I miss you. I am miserable. I need you.

Can I survive this?

Tell me.

‘Again’ is Jordi White’s 2nd single off of the upcoming new EP ‘Old Cities I’ (August).



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