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Old Man’s Money // Rikki Kincer // Oh He Dead // FURBS // The Gallerys

Old Man’s Money – Six Bullet

With the blues-attack guitar style as the intro to ‘Six Bullet’, the single passes the conversation to the rockin’ vocals of angst and urgency. The lyrics supplying that power, OLD MAN’S MONEY, is an ol’ school and driving severance payment to the ‘gods of war’. Gushing with the juicy guitars, the song just keeps on rolling, with intermittent vocals interjecting with ballet like addition. The 4 piece rock band from Los Angeles is a half-British and Half-American ensemble, which explains the fresh evolution in musical presentation that’s rare in State-side. Rock is rock, and this particular song embodies the best tradition from guitar works of Trixie Whitley and Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac). And like those artists, OLD MAN’S MONEY is a breath of fresh air, to be sure.

Rikki Kincer – Carry On My Way

RIKKI KINCER comes at us with ‘Carry On My Way’. And in this single, the layers of worries and trepidations for the current and the future, culminates within the narration of a solo artist from Orange County, CA. We all should care about what’s going on, but white-noise around us keeps us away from the reasons we live to execute our passions. Rikki thinks we have to take a deep breath and try to wipe away the un-needed and focus on the things that means something inherent. Noble idea ain’t it? We thinks it’s enlightening. ‘Carry On My Way’ is his first single release as a solo artist, and collaborating with mix engineer Jordan Silva, Rikki produces a turn of the page performance in this single. Look for the next single to be release in February, with a full-length album to drop by summer.

Oh He Dead – This Time Around

‘This Time Around’ is the single from their first EP ‘Blood in the Water’ and it is as the DIY feel is evident, the smoothness and the funk/soul successfully radiates confidently. The duo of OH HE DEAD is a multi-genre band which, as it happens, delves deep into the funk of our memes and wants in this world of ours. The music video is an ‘impromptu’ video they indicated, but we think it’s the bee’s knees. Maybe it has something to do with the sound pillars of the song? Heck yea it does.

FURBS – Body

Connecticut originating indie-rock/pop band FURBS, consists of 4 childhood friends Jonathon Currier (bass), Timothy Loukakes (guitar), Johnny Frank (drums & production), and Andrew Ibarra (guitar, vocals & synths). And the quartet makes indie-rock crank again with dynamic lyrics, jaunting vocals, and indubitably sentient support from the sounds that make rock howl. “I’ve had this song in my head since I was 12 years old. Years before I picked up a guitar and years before my first sexual experiences, I always found something alluring, something sexual about the riff that at the time I could not yet fully grasp,” stated Andrew Ibarra. Ain’t that great? As we’d mentioned, the howling is of the more ‘intellectual’ kind, and it simmers and growls, as it rides off into the sunset. Maybe how we’d like to conduct ourselves in our sexual journey down the line, no?

The Gallerys – Lucid Trail

THE GALLERYS is an alt-rock band from Kent UK, with the Brit-pop soul that shimmers and glows. Exemplified by the single ‘Lucid Trail’, the harmonies gets you that goose-bump nostalgia that has been missing from you life, for a long while. The fresh sounds emanating from this band comes at the influence of tightly cropped 60’s rock, bantered by the commonwealth of modern music construction, and perpetual stylings recognized in song – about love, and the significant things in life. ‘Lucid Trail’ is inherently captivating, colorful, and majestically intrudes in your life and helps it bloom a bit brighter.


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