Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital Singh ‘Call Me When You Land’ : Each word and note, selected to please your rapture for what life should be.

'Call Me When You Land'

Old Sea Brigade and Luke Sital-Singh have announced details of their forthcoming EP ‘All The Ways You Sing In The Dark’, out August 28th.

Old Sea Brigade is Ben Cramer. He’s a native of Atlanta, but is now based in good ol’ Nashville, and he keeps on chugging along with fabulous acoustic tunes and love ballads that touches hearts. He’s a gorgeous singer and expresses the boundaries of the seemingly banal – like everyday love, trepidation, and worries – to new levels.

Luke Sital-Singh is the mesmerizing talents of the songwriter has been a long tradition for a while now. His efforts of descriptions, in and about life, is captured with the fervor that is seldom equal to his soft aesthetic.

Despite being friends for just three years and this being their first collaboration, they share a chemistry that most groups chase for a lifetime. They wrote most of the EP at Luke’s place last summer in just seven days, finishing the recordings alongside Ben’s production partner Owen Lewis in Nashville at Shoebox Studios in December 2019.

“It’s the purest thing I’ve made,” commented Luke. “I smashed down my walls, followed my gut, and trusted Ben. We were able to think about nothing but the music. It was pure enjoyment. I haven’t had this much fun with music in a long time.”

“It was a blast,” added Ben. “I typically resort to art during difficult times. While we were creating this, it felt different because we laughed a lot. In many cases, we went with the first decision. We got a vibe so quickly.”

Tender, loving, and careful considerations blossom with their art. Each word and note, selected to please your rapture for what life should be.


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