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Old Sea Brigade Shares Single ‘Hope’. You are everything, to me.

Waking up in the chilly depths of the fall weather, near the salty scent of the waters just near, you are content.

I open my eyes, and see you still sleeping, and I pause at your beauty. Clarion skin, and wave like eye lashes, you remind me of how lucky I’d been, and am.

You gently roll, towards me, with the early dawn light sneaking behind the blinds. Your silhouette, mixed with the light touch of your arms against mine, satisfy me to no end.

“You are everything, to me.”

You nod with a smile, and silently whisper, “I know.”

OLD SEA BRIGADE is Ben Cramer. He’s a native of Atlanta, but is now based in good ol’ Nashville, and he keeps on chugging along with fabulous acoustic tunes and love ballads that touches hearts. He’s a gorgeous singer and expresses the boundaries of the seemingly banal – like everyday love, trepidation, and worries – to new levels.

He’s had 3 EPs released since his debut in 2016. And now his first Full Length album ‘Ode To A Friend’ is slated to drop in 2018.

Can’t wait.



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