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Oldmanyoung // Dead Slow Hoot // Oscilla // Ras Bootin’ // Purple Thread

Oldmanyoung – 4AM Safari

Aaron Bagby and Cuni Besic make tasty relevance like ‘4AM Safari’ like no one’s business. Toeing the line between psychedelia and electro-pop, they put together sultry decadence within a synth-vibe single. Danceable and profoundly enjoyable, OLDMANYOUNG, takes a critical look into themselves with infectious and catchy construction, with a dash of hiphop rhythm that drives the point across. Want to know more about them. Hope we get more chances to do so. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the smoothness. Oh that smoothness. Like butter on jam, with a sprinkling of all that is fab.

Dead Slow Hoot – An Island Keen To Float

Sheffield UK based 4 piece DEAD SLOW HOOT makes masterpieces of lyrics stacked on top of lyrics, with dead bodies underneath for a shock value for quality, as standard. Those bodies lie where they collapsed after the effects of the single ‘An Island Keen To Float’. With traditions reminiscent of bands like Interpol and Arctic Monkeys, the intricate words with double meaning swaying in sultry mid caresses, the single never loses its luster in the overall darkness and brooding atmosphere. On top of that, a delightful multi-faceted layering of instruments, sounds, and invocations, dot the world of each song. The colors are muted, but it’s only for the betterment of your mind’s eye. You don’t want the glare from the shine blind you permanently. The infatuations from the unrelenting chords, disinfectant rises, and glorious noises, cast your demons off with ease. DEAD SLOW HOOT’s ‘An Island Keen To Float’ is a fabulous single for any rotation. The band is made up of Hugo Lynch, Sam Webb, Luke Featherstone, and Dominic Lo. See them next on June 15th at London’s Aces And Eights.

Oscilla – No Reason

‘No Reason’ is by striking indie-folk artist, OSCILLA. her brand of interpretations in song and story, makes our lives ‘simpler’. What do we mean? We mean that her single ‘No Reason’ is constructed in such a way that all our stresses melt away for a moment. The moment that we can take a deep breath – a moment to stand up and stretch our arms long over our heads. The synth-folk vibe in this single, that permeates with love and curiosity, lingers like your lover’s fragrance. Intoxicating and delightful, OSCILLA’s vocals make and break anything in the way, with cordial wisps of decadence and unobtrusive methods to a personal salvation. A vocal presentation that is divine to listen to. OSCILLA is the project of San Francisco singer-songwriter Frances England. A perennial songwriter, she’s been making indie-folk music for children and family for over a decade with a Grammy nomination in 2017 for her ‘Explorer of the World’ album. “For years, I suffered from terrible stage fright and music was just something I did alone. But singing for kids – the least judgmental and most open audience around – helped me reframe performance in my head. There’s no way I could have gotten here without them.” For sure. And if not for that chapter, we couldn’t listen to songs like ‘No Reason’. Life happens for a reason, don’t they?

Ras Bootin’ – BAD BATCH

RAS BOOTIN’ is a bad motha-f*cker. That’s only his music talking. And when you listen to this crusty and gritty hard-rock rendition named ‘Bad Batch’, you’re thrown up against the bare brick walls and your ribs get crushed. Adrenalin? Sure. If you need it. But to tell you the truth, if you weren’t already, ready with the juice, it’s just too late. With hardships from his past, including a debilitating leg injury, RAS BOOTIN’ takes it all in stride, but never losing his chip on his shoulder. Especially for unique sounds that resonate with the world around him. Off of his new EP ‘Goddamn!’, the incandescent vibe of the artist sits at each edge of his known talents, and carves up a nice chunk of flesh to hold on to. ‘Bad Batch’ is a slow burner, grinding and resourceful, it tells all there is to know about RAS BOOTIN’s thoughts on what music can accomplish. Ras stated: “I penned Bad Batch out of frustration after watching many of my favorite friends and artists die because of drugs. This is a trend that extends from Sigmund Freud to Prince and I wish more people would discuss the topic, a staple of our culture that we don’t want to exist.” Word.

Purple Thread – I’m all about you

Oh yea. This song is so fun. Funk you? Funk me? Heck yes. Let’s dance you fool! PURPLE THREAD is a band from Leeds, with a Blonide-like pop-punk vibe, that attends to many other genres that all told, can be construed as ‘your go to’ music. It’s always near a ‘weekend’, so when PURPLE THREAD is available, you turn on that playlist and boogie like you’d never thought you could. Hey. That gal is checking you out. That guys gave you a glance. Match made in heaven? Well, it’s only rockin’ sock’em boogie fun from the city of Leeds, and there’s no going back. Punk, funk, blues, rock, pop, fun – all culminates with ‘I’m All About You’. What else really can you ask for? Nothin’. So get back on that dance floor and ask that dreamy future partner of yours to a groovy dance off. Oh, and don’t sweat too much. Concentrate! This fab band is made up of even more fab human beings named: Liz Mann, Jack Tildsley, James Foreman, and Ryan Bailey. Oh yea.


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