OLI ‘Happy’ : With abated breath and equally open arms of understanding.


“I wrote it about a family member who was really stressed, and really overwhelmed,” explained OLI, “no matter what I said to them, it didn’t matter, they were in their own little world of anxiety. And all I could offer were words of encouragement but I knew I couldn’t do any more than that.”

Beautifully thoughtful, in accent of love and affection, OLI’s vocals is easy, sustained, charming, and ultra loving. A cast for humanity is stored in the folds of OLI’s words and delightful sense of the world.

A rhythm of change and perhaps a slice of what a human being can offer to another human being, the sincerity of hyper attention and seriousness glides with ambition and certainty in ‘Happy’. A dollop of honesty and purity, stares at your soul, with abated breath and equally open arms of understanding.

Lovely single, indeed.

Moving to London from New Jersey aged 2, and growing up in a household filled with music, OLI soaked up influences as diverse as Sade and Dion Warwick to bands like Stereophonics, Supergrass, Razorlight, as well as Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd.

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Need some happy? 14/2/20 🍋

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