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Oliver Hazard Shares ‘Take Me Back’. “Remember What It Is That Makes You Who You Are.”

So fun. That’s why we love folk and indie-folk. The story telling is the central character, but the way the music flows is like that babbling brook sound you turn on when you need to go to sleep, in preparation for that early presentation.

Burble, burble, burble.

Nice kitty, nice kitty.

‘Take Me Back’ is Waterville Ohio based band OLIVER HAZARD’s contribution to that babbling brook you always needed. It’s calming, exhilarating, fresh, and just like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day, it caresses you with the colorful acoustic tones you can’t deflect.

The single was a ‘call to action’ of sorts for the trio, for they were notified that their small agricultural town in Ohio was being sold and transformed in ways the guys were shocked by. So, in an effort to encourage town history, they have collaborated with the local government to throw ‘OLIVER HAZARD DAY’ – “a street festival to celebrate their roots as a Waterville band on August 31.” Local businesses and restaurants are participating in the hopes to highlight what it “means to be from Northwest Ohio”. All of the alcohol sales will be donated to the local Whitehouse Library.

Band consists of: Michael Belazis, Griffin McCulloch, and Devin East


9/1: Bellefontaine, OH Hookahville 50
9/5: Pittsburgh, PA Funhouse at Mr. Smalls
9/7: Bethlehem, PA Levitt Pavilion Stage
9/8: New York City, NY Berlin
9/9: Cambridge, MA Atwood’s Tavern
9/11: Philadelphia, PA Ortlieb’s Lounge
9/12: Washington, DC Songbyrd DC
9/15: Nashville, TN Americanafest
9/20: Columbus, OH Rumba Cafe
9/22: Goshen, IN Goshen Brewing Company


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