Oliver Marson ‘To the Nines!’ : Euphoric and bliss slice of art pop

Oliver Marson

Following previous releases ‘Cocaine Romance’ and ‘Time for Love’, London-based Oliver Marson delivers euphoric and bliss slice of art pop ‘To the Nines’. Oliver navigates through a range of genres, deftly defying any preconceptions the listener may have, balancing experimentalism within pop sensibilities, shiver-inducing vocals are intertwined with reverb-heavy guitars and retro synth tones.

“I wanted to write from the perspective of a bitter misogynist and ‘To the Nines’ is literally an exposition of toxic male thinking. ‘To the Nines’ being an old English expression, which means ‘to dress flamboyantly or buoyantly.”

Oliver continued: ‘The nature of the recording was very spontaneous; I came into a studio with just a couple of chords and a vague idea of what I wanted the song to be. In the end it was very natural, and the song seemed to flow from one idea to another, which culminated in quite a flamboyant sound, mirroring the song’s title. The way I see it, what better way is there to tackle this subject than a bit of flamboyance.”


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