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Oliver Oat Shares Invigoratingly Nihilistic ‘Milk and Cigarettes’. Debut Album ‘Juniper Resin’ Out Now.

Out of the darkened poison of the midnight forest, the eyes peered out to see the world in a different state. The colors of infections, in mind and body, had taken over the successive relevance to a cutting board made of plastic and not of organic dead plant matter. The eyes of the soul, stepped out with one appendage, feeling a pseudo beam of light that scorched with truth, or the lack there of. Intransigent and never in the right parking lot of life, the eyes rolled from side to side, afraid.

So, the eyes, white and bold with wide array of confusion and trepidation – pulled back inside its cocoon of safety and comfort.

Melodrama is where OLIVER OAT is momentously grand. The quintet from the Netherlands, makes a full featured movie out of a 4 minute song. And ‘Milk And Cigarettes’ isn’t their only offering that is so cool, calculated, manifesting, and full of contrasting vigor.

Off of their latest full-length album ‘Juniper Resin’ the band from song one to the 12th, keeps your senses on guard, with hands at your eyes, covering them partially, waiting for that inevitable tragedy in the story that is being constructed.

The project is the spearhead for experimentation and decadent arousing in artistic professions by Joost de Jong. The paintings he has created in each of the singles culminate through sheathes of melancholy and understated happiness – all subsiding at the bedside of unconditional challenges and stresses of the here, now, and the foregone conclusion.

From orchestral vocal layerings, and vehemently petulant kaleidoscope of organs and guitar works, the band instills unassured balance for and of life, into blaring account, as you step one by one up the ladder in sensibilities and Galactic shimmer.

Questions linger.

Questions never answered.

Answers only defining what you may be, but nihilistically doubting the same.

Oh my.

Pop driven at the end of the day, but never hesitates the expanse and the riches of multiple genres to communicate and delight.

Bravo OLIVER CAT. Bravo.

‘Juniper Resin’ is out now.



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