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Olivia Awbrey Releases Single ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’.

The ‘oddity’ and the savory rhythms by Olivia Awbrey’s single ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’, makes this song. Yes. The ‘oddity’ framed in a psyche-indie-rock-pop point of focus. Buckles the standards. And most importantly shows the ’emotions’ and ‘inner habitations’ within Olivia. That’s important to us.

Olivia’s song writing and arrangements is about that little ‘tinge’ in the after-taste, that ‘tweek’ in the direction, that ‘salutation’ to that friend who gave you that ‘food for thought’. It’s the taking of a ‘genesis’ in notes, then watering and caring for the long expected blooming. It’s that anticipation that is the ‘end’. It’s that journey.

And all a while, that ‘journey’ is fun, rockin’, and memorable – politically, or not.

“I wanted it to be a fun song to listen to, hence the line about bacon, and I also wanted to write a song that honestly proclaims frustration – maybe even exhaustion – with the overwhelming state of things.”

“There’s so much going on socially and politically that I think people – if they are just waking up to politics – are having a hard time knowing where to start, which I bet is a frustrating feeling. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have control over anything. I tried to capture that feeling of helplessness mixed with utter rage, which I’ve also experienced recently in the larger context of national gas-lighting that’s occurring.”

Despite the heavy subjects, the songs do produce the fun and maybe to a degree a sense of ‘irony’ (juxtaposed against the instrument arrangements) that Olivia probably built in on purpose.

Kudos, in any case.

New upcoming LP is slated sometime in 2019.



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