Olivia Reid ‘Visitor’ : Effervescent and demure, cognizant and irreverent.

Olivia Reid

Olivia Reid is a breeze on a spring/summer boundary, effervescent and demure, cognizant and irreverent. A tantamount of feelings and grieving happiness, the solidarity of contrast and mean, clash within the words and Olivia’s honesty.

“I’m a music artist, songwriter, and producer from outside Sacramento and currently living in New York City. My dream is to take all the sounds that live in my head and share them with you.”

Olivia wrote this song while traveling the world and feeling as if she was lacking a sense of belonging. She started thinking about her body as a “home” for her soul and felt that even in her own body, she still felt like a “visitor” asking around for spiritual directions. She realized this kind of disassociation made her feel as if she belonged everywhere, and nowhere, at the same time. Hence the lines “just tourist in my own home” and a “visitor in my own body”. However, there’s a sense of peace in this existence, because at least “I know what I am”.

A flame of passion and resort, must be protected from the scourge of the outside world. We’re fragile sometimes. Olivia knows this, and wants us all to be strong.


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