Olvo ‘Never Give Up’ : It surges instead in the brightest of manners, with a big up-curled smile… perpetuated.

Olvo with Magic Malik / Artwork: Q Ortega, Photo: Celine Garcia

‘Limitless Possibilities’ is the upcoming debut album of Olvo. ‘Never Give Up’ is a small celebration by the artist, with the help of flutist, Magic Malik, to commemorate such an anticipatory occasion. The theme of the album is: The idea that you can achieve everything, that you need to believe in your dreams, that you have to fight to live them everyday and try to feel the happiness of their accomplishment.

“With this record I encourage each individual to be self confident, to believe in their art and to trace their way without comparing to others,” continued Olvo. “Through a variety of samples, speeches and sounds, I musically suggest adopting an optimistic and positive attitude where anything in life is possible. It is around this concept that will articulate the communication and promo of the LP. By the way, it’s a project of alternative electronic music, a balanced and varied ensemble moving between Ambient, Future Pop and Abstract Hip Hop.”

‘Never Give Up’, doesn’t give up on you. It surges instead in the brightest of manners, with a big up-curled smile, perpetuated by the grinning flute works of Magic Malik. It’s a muscle bound positivity-fest and there’s no stopping the groove.


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