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Olympia Tennis Club Shares ‘Greg Oblivian’. “They have no fear. They’ve come too far.”

Slacked and slicked, the power Brazilian trio of Camila Soares, Carime Elmor, Liz Möller thinks the world is made up of despicable sentiments and a whole lot of fuzz. The originators of their own brand of punk-power-pop, with a dash of quirk chop-chords dipped in the 7th dimension, they make up a big part of what we enjoy in this world.

The 2017 project started with ‘grrls’ who are ‘learning to play’ and ‘no skills’. But here we are in 2019, as the charm had turned into legitimate punk chops that the punk-gods can appreciate.

Sophistication isn’t in OLYMPIA TENNIS CLUB’s musical vocabulary yet. But it sure does have the attitude and gumption that they need to make a mark in this holy scene.

Mix of 80’s, International, pop, and tiny tinge of CSS-like quirkiness, the band is on their way of making something. Whatever it may be.

And that’s okay. That’s what the trio likes it to be.

They have no fear.

Battle-Of-The-Bands be damned. Go for the stars!



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