Omelet For Dumbasses: It’s a message for lots and lots of people.

Omelets are amazing. They’re simple to make. They’re yummy to eat. And ingredients are what you have in the refrigerator, right now. And there are stores that name themselves as The Omelet Store. And you guessed it, they serve many varieties of Omelets.

So, how is it that so many don’t know how to make a great Omelet?

There are many (we’re just guessing).

But there’s an instructional video that can help.

And yep, it’s above this post.

It adds some drama, tough love, and some eggs.

What a PSA.

If you want to ‘really’ build a perfect Omelet, go [here] and [here].

Want some laughs? Watch the video from The Onion.
Omelettes are great, but you can abuse them by putting in bacon and cheddar. On a more positive note, you can use also them to hide healthy vegetables like mushrooms, making them more delicious. Other great additions could be spinach, onions, peppers or even feta cheese.

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