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Omotrack Shares ‘Quality’. “Galactic punch and nuance.”

The entry to this single, ‘Quality’, by OMOTRACK is where it’s at. You can listen the lick from top to bottom, then all around for nearly ever. From the guitar notes to the accompanying digitized horns, then transitions into the different octaves and beyond – it’s a chill piece that is all genres and nothing at all. It’s a fab piece of danceable fabulousness.

OMOTRACK’s core members are brothers, Markús & Birkir Bjarnason. The Iceland originating producers and artists makes it their life’s mission to be innovative, critically enticing, and massively appealing to the public. The brothers were raised in a small village in Ethiopia named Omo. You got it. That’s where OMOTRACK was born.

This experimental, electro-cathartic, indie-pop, flare for the infectious, kind of band philosophy is addicting and super easy to wear within your day-to-day. The fashion of OMOTRACK in ‘Quality’ is radically subdued.

However, its lion-heart of meticulous beats and the right amount of beauty within each fold of pace, change, and notes, delivers with galactic punch and nuance.

They released their first album “Mono & Bright” in September 2016. Their second album «Wild Contrast» was released in April 2019.

Good stuff, indeed.



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