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ONBC – Dive Bar of Dreamers

‘Dive Bar Of Dreamers’ is a story of our individual lives, really. We see this song and of the ‘dive bar’ as the emotions and the hearts that are always open for the love deserved. We are needy creature, at the core of it all. We desire basics from love and affection, tingle of recognition and respect that we are built for acceptance. Sometimes we don’t receive what we think we deem we are due. ‘Idiots, douches, the petty, the scarred – all come to get their fill. We all feel like that don’t we? We’re more alike than you think. Get into this charming single by these Danes.

Mouth Breather – Shoes

Twenty three year old talent, and Toronto based artist, Owen Hooper is a galaxy upon himself. Stories drip off of this gent like there’s no tomorrow. Funny, ironic, sarcastic, deadpan – the artist with the colorful ambition keeps the listener up on his/her toes like life depended on it. But then Own will tell you to jam and wear the socks with the slippers, if you want. ‘Shoes’ means something, but it doesn’t really matter, for it’s just so fun to dial in, into your psyche. It’s a game. A bubbling funkadelic electro pop checkers. The music video? Fab as well, to be sure.

Mons La Hire – Lucky

MONS LA HIRE is a band from Corvallis, Oregon consisting of Daniel Watkins, Suzanne Watkins, Ida Jane, Julia Miller, and Greg Miller. Their song ‘Lucky’ blossoms from their musical bosoms and it fills your room with delight. The strutting bop of the guitar work, to the altruistic lyrical vocals, tender the compact between your soul and what had been. A tie in of emotional malnutrition is fulfilled to the brim once more, as you listen to ‘Lucky’. 90’s/00’s indie rock strums is delectable and nostalgic. The Americana undertone gives it that extra sheen you envision. Be ‘one in a million’. You’re actually ‘one in a trillion’.

Death Mama – The Take

DEATH MAMA’s single ‘The Take’ is a rockin’ out thrust of rolling drums and classic progressions. Aggressive, intrinsic, and never a thought of the ‘morrow, the song is about what’s now and what’s under your nose. The band is of that valor, to be honest. And as the essence of the song keeps a prodigiously rebellious tone, you find yourself boppin’ your neck like ‘there was no tomorrow’. Good sign that DEATH MAMA is doing their job, eh? Word.

Nina June – Summersnow

Dutch artist NINA JUNE’s mix of pop, alt, and indie-pop, surges around and surrounds her songs like a flood. Power of the soulful pop vocals guide through the millennia of visions that linger at the edges of ‘Summersnow’. Organic and modern, the inspired vocal demonstration touches with a myriad of tones and colors, both obvious and mysterious. The cinematic beginning of ‘Summersnow’ digs deep at the heart, as the soulful and majestic vibe continues to eviscerate, note by note, word by word.

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