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“So often we can find ourselves feeling trapped in the mundane cycles of life. This song is a reminder to take a step back and shake things up. Ask yourself if anything is missing, if you are truly happy, or if there are people / things in your life that are holding you back or putting you down. We have this one beautiful life and we should live it to the absolute fullest! Take chances, make mistakes, and chase the things that make your soul sing.” Jayli and Hayden Wolf shakes it up. Whatever the forces of life throws at you, you shield yourself from the pounding and keep forth. Do as you please. Learn as you please. Shake the dust from your shoulders, to try once more. What else you got? Time is your burden and your friend. Give it all.

Reuben and the Dark – Dancer

Reuben Bullock is behind Reuben and the Dark. “It’s so sensitive…including this song on the record was a pivotal moment in deciding just how open I was willing to be with an audience,” said Reuben. “‘dancer’ ended up setting a tone for ‘un | love’ (11 track LP). It is vulnerability’s lullaby. It is honest. It is soft. It is empathy and also an apology. An attempt at shining a light into a very dark place.” Of tones and elective emotions, Reuben’s songs elaborate on the banal, but never forgets how tragic and brilliant, each love in relationships, could be. The love of affection, radiates with somber beauty through Reuben’s ballads. His illustriously decadent vocals, deliver with the hints of nostalgia and conservative longings for the past of a past. But as he does, the messages of his songs, drive on forward, with gumption, to meet the future that is yet to come with open arms and enthusiasm. See him next @ National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts, Ottawa on February 8th.

FELIN – Money Honey

Elin Blom together with photographer and director Fredrik Etoall make up this exciting attitude called FELIN. Having worked with the likes of Icona Pop, The Rolling Stones and Adam Lambert, FELIN are all about the highest quality of sound as well as image, by making the two inter-dimensional and expansive of one another. FELIN released their debut EP last fall and played the legendary TV-show ‘Rockpalast’ in Germany. Sexy, driving, contentious, and redeeming – the soul of FELIN is about that cast of intimidations that shouldn’t be a part of your day-to-day. A prescription for living life to the fullest is where the basis for FELIN really lies, and with every chord and progression in ‘Money Honey’, you can feel the power of the undertow, drawing you in. Elin’s rhythmic vibes of ‘middle fingers’ to the world, is felt in comfort and magnificently danceable quivers, as the frame of the song, keeps you in a locked position for audible excellence. The pop endeavor is right us, anyone’s ally.

Granem – Sov Nå

Granem is the project of Frode Granum Stang. The music is best described as alternative folk, and his inspirations range from traditional Scandinavian folk music to modern neo-folk and more experimental acts. “In this song I tell Earth to sleep well and get some rest. Tomorrow will be another day of anger and abuse from us humans.” Off of the latest LP ‘Solstreif’, Granem, brings dynamic acoustic play, with progressive rock lyrical pride to his songs. An anthem of vibes that are rich with history and story, rolling anonymity of self and expressions, dance with multiple instruments of the heart. The altruism shining off of the arrangement is beautiful, while The Eagles-like shimmer, delivers with absolute grandeur. Granem’s vocals puts the extra sweetness, that any ear will respect and embrace. See Granem live next @ Revolver, in Oslo Norway on November 30th.

Mindset – Envy

“We love Rock,” stated Mindset. “Real heartfelt songwriting, big sing-along choruses, and good ol’ distortion. Shaped by our passion for the genre and longing for new music to listen to, our debut album is all about energetic, melody driven songwriting, with a big emphasis on meaningful lyrics and killer riffs. Growing up as 90’s kids, we miss the authentic feel rock music had to it – a time where it seemed music was more of a form of art and expression rather than a popularity contest.” Or Berger, Ofek Azaria, Uriel Ben Ezra, and Meitar Elazary are together, Mindset. A band that brings the truth of classic 90’s garage and grunge tinted indie-rock. A refreshing blend in thrusting guitars, grating lyrical visions, and that choral hook that ever perpetuates the fabulous song construction that’s needed. ‘Envy’ embodies all of the elements that the decade of solid rock band that brought the traditions of bands like Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, and Pearl Jam. ‘Envy’ is an example of top shelf rock that is certainly a candidate for staying true, far into the future. ‘Envy’ is a throwback that doesn’t weigh you down, but only enlightens you with fabulous vibes. Mindset, doin’ it right.


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