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OnDeck // Emil // 3badbios // Doov // TRiLLeR

OnDeck – Dead Beat (prod. berlo)

‘Dead Beat’ rallies up his feelings and dowses realities onto the thing that we all desire. But not all things can be achieved, if you really think about it. There is a good chance at failure. There are bigger forces that are set against you in this world, maybe to prevent, maybe to suffocate. But take hark. It’s just a thought exercise. There’s just enough time to turn around and excel once more. “A tongue in cheek, metaphorical glimpse into how life may turn out if all my ambitions end up failing and I call it quits, written during a time in which I felt I was nearing rock bottom,” said OnDeck of ‘Dead Beat’. After all, i’t just a peek. A peek into what could be. Just a conversation we all have within us. It’s a warning and a shot at a call to action.

Emil – Angels

Fun, and amusing; at the same time, serious as a heart-attack – ‘Angels’ has an underlying brooding attitude. Contrasts of good and bad, subdivided by the gray of our lives. Always a bridge to a better place is being built, as we traverse this life of ours. Not perfect. Often chaotic. But we all come through, don’t we? EMIL’s making music that’s a tease for our sensibilities. But it never wavers in its direction towards the ‘next’. The dedication flows through the production and felt.

3badbios – Hangman

“A song about love, I guess,” stated 3badbios, about single ‘Hangman’. Fun-loving in nature, but there’s all the indication of the artist punking us with demure visions of lack in self-assuredness, when in fact there’s ample evidence of the contrary. ‘Hangman’ is dope, simply. The attitude, the draping of words – the rhythm and vibe protruding out of the song is quite a pleasant surprise. 3badbios is Jimmy Manke, and the talented artist and producer, just keeps the roll dropping to another beat, with no ulterior motives, or hesitance. It’s chill as heck, and we’re okay that we get cooked with such subtle fire. Reading between the lines, is best to describe the effect, and ‘Hangman’ surely suffices.

Doov – Go Back

Based in the experimental scene of East Brunswick, New Jersey, DOOV comes at us with ‘Go Back’. An introspective tale of daily angsts, pains, burning desires, and possible redemptions, the song demonstrates DOOV’s writing attitude and perspectives. Drenched in modern hiphop elements, the lyrics pop to subtle attention, and proceed to guide us on a short but sweet journey, in the life. The 20 year old rapper/producer, is influenced by everything NJ, beats, soul, and his daily trials and tribulations. His debut album ‘Separation’ is set to drop January 2019. Look out for DOOV.


TRiLLeR, tinged in ol’ school hiphop styles, the single ‘BLURReD’ is a funky, jazzy, dark and brooding lyrical extravaganza. Influenced by Timbo, Ye, Swizz, the rapper and producer slams on the beats with utter chic tastes. As an artist, he has many goals, but: “So long as I can help ONE person believe in themselves and actually act on their goals and dreams.. I personally believe I have achieved my childhood goal from young and will accomplish many more while I still have the breath to carry on..” Inspirational, we’d say. The UK artist will push his writing to the edges, and we’ll all be there to listen, watch, and admire.


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