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One More Hour – A Piece Of You

Off of the full album ‘Abscence’, ONE MORE HOUR’s single ‘A Piece Of You’ is that evening of insomnia that has been your best friend for a long time. With driving guitars and metal antics, the stability of sound and resonance is evident in ‘A Piece Of You’. The Hard-rock-alternative band from San Antonio, Texas is a return to glory of rock when you needed it most. Out of a struggle to live and better company, the single delivers a table full of hard hitting facts about what we must do. In love, in form, in life, in darkness – the positivity might be missed in this song, but the ambitions of the lyrics – for the one who has been and the one to come next – amplifies the urgent anger for a better way. Reminiscent of the best traditions of 90’s alt-rock bands like Silverchair, Audioslave, and Foo Fighters, the energy is a fabric of ONE MORE HOUR and their call to arms. Get your fix.

Martyna Wren – Bigger Things

‘Bigger Things’ is a piano driven exercise of delightful harmonies and vibrancy. It delivers in the best traditions of Barry Manilow, Paul McCartney, and Christopher Cross, where sublimations of visions are cross haired to vocal perfection and significance. MARTYNA WREN’s gentle and sweeping vocals is a caress-able alcove, where you and only you can shield yourself from this big bad world, for a time. Martyna stated: “I wrote ‘Bigger Things’ as a pause button for anyone who might be about to give up on something. It can be so easy to give in to the negative voice in our head and to throw in the towel when we can’t see the bigger plan and how far we have already come. ‘Bigger Things’ is about letting the dust settle, taking a breath and trusting that we’re on the right path even when it feels like we’re failing. I hope this song makes its way to anyone that needs a moment to rediscover their self-belief and helps them find the strength to battle their own inner wolves.” Kudos Martyna. Kudos.

Honeysuckle – Gaslight

Boston based indie-folk outfit HONEYSUCKLE continues to delight as ‘Gaslight’ comes at us with, not only folk sensibilities and elements, but mixed in the pop attention that is decadent and resists convention. Made up of Holly McGarry, Benjamin Burns, and Chris Bloniarz, the trio made an impression on us with their previous single ‘Firestarter’. As diversified and talented, the band keeps the norms of story telling close to their sleeves, but never forgetting the purpose of songs. HONEYSUCKLE is a hybrid of intuitions, gathered up in the palm of your hands. Dainty, succulent, nourishing, the underbelly of ‘Gaslight’ is more rock vibin’ than you’d ever think. The attitude is never callous, but wholly original in intent and textures. Simple, hearty, fabulous.

Del Fume – Collector // Puzzle

From the album ‘THE GIFT’ comes DEL FUME’s ‘Collector // Puzzle’. An auratory vacuum of significance fighting with insignificance, this single describes the line in between the black and white of the world you inhabit. Del Fume stated: “The song describes the search for sense and nonsense in the life you’re thrown into without ever having to have been asked.” Presented in a electro-punk stylism, DEL FUME creaks forward in sensibilities, as the story of parallel worlds are describe through funk and disco elements that are both industrial and rock. The culmination in heft, is counter balanced by the danceability examined in the rhythms. In the best tradition of Gorillaz, the radically understated altruism of the lyrics, embrace their reliabilities and sends our visions of our own selves, into a death spiral of no return. A ‘death spiral’ that we’d alway, always wanted.

Tree – Lost ways and heartache

“Searching for someone…tombstones and bygones are…” TREE’s single ‘Lost Ways And Heartache’ takes a lonesome patronage to a place of solitary happiness. Peek-a-boo tactics of a person who desire the best in life, but something that is missing…missing something that, if found, can make this existence, pertinent and complete. The single is sung by the duo of TREE, and in the light of styles that are in like Neil Young, the lyrics pop with vagrancy and dexterity, counter acting and silencing the want for complex musical construction. The simple, acoustic driven tumble of thoughts and feeling in this single, relegate the innocence of such internal struggles into that brilliant self-confidence that we deserve. At least ‘Lost Ways And Heartache’ thinks we do. Being lost is common. Ever searching is common. Progressing is a requisite. Let’s struggle onward.


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