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One Paper Kid ‘Stupid Son’ : An anthem for the faint and of the marginalized.

Comes to fruition as the two artists make their claim.

Understand the gripping arches of One Paper Kid’s single ‘Stupid Son’. The duo of Anders Göransson (vocals and guitar) and Backa Carin Ivarsdotter (vocals, saxophone, Moog, melodica etc.) started playing together in 2019, with the aim of raw and powerful lyrics, poignant and harmonic. One Paper Kid is a duo from Sweden. They are a duo who are inspired by Country, Indie and the American Rock sound of the 70s.

Anders has previously released records with rock bands such as Driving Rain and The Doits, but always dreamed of making more low-key acoustic music and singing harmonies with someone. Backa Carin is a professional visual artist and has played saxophone in various jazz and rock bands.

Backa Carin has because of her spasmodic dysphonia always been convinced that she can’t or shouldn’t sing. When the duo entered the studio in 2019, there was a feeling and a sound that appealed to the producer Stefan Brändström (The Dustward studio) who immediately signed them to his label Dustward Music.

The dust of anticipation and expectations play a rousing antagonist in this single. From the belying under-statements; to the passive aggressive professional smiles of the un-caring – all whittle in the golden sun of truth and justice. The unmistakable honesty of ‘Stupid Son’ is reminiscent of the best traditions in selective but bold tackling of subjects untold.

A vision of music that is classic, yet right for the current times, ‘Stupid Son’ is an anthem for the faint and of the marginalized.

Gripping exercise of One Paper Kid, comes to fruition as the two artists make their claim.



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